Brooklyn Brewery

Client: Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is located in Brooklyn, NY. They brew everything from classic styles to bold experiments and collaborate with brewers, innovators and artists from around the globe. They base a lot of their beers off of the 70’s musical era.

I created logo that looks like a 45 record. The B being the label and the thin lines completing the record effect. I made the decision to keep it black and white since the beer labels are bursting with color and wild patterns.

On the labels I made the main labeling look like a jukebox to play back to the 70’s era and the wild pattern backgrounds playing to the type of flavor the beer is. The Naranjito beer is a sweet orange pale. I used oranges and pinks to play on the orange taste of the beer. The second label is Sour Ale. I created an electric blue background to play on the sour taste of it.

Branding, Packaging