Nick Cave Feat.

Client: Frist Art Museum

This is an art exhibit by Nick Cave that features work in a wide range of mediums, including sculpture, installation, video, and performance. His creations, bursting with color and texture, are optical delights that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Through this immersive installation, Cave hopes to provide a transformative place where your narrative can be featured and your dreams can soar.

The main idea of this art exhibit is to escape into your imagination. A lot of the art featured in this exhibit are collaged characters. I wanted to take the collage aspect into the branding. The logo is made of up of different shapes and color to represent the type of art you will see in the exhibition.

From the branding to the exhibit advertising it needed to have a cohesive feel. For the event posters I wanted the viewer to get a sneak peek of what they will see in the exhibit. I took the characters from the exhibit and broke them into a collage even more. I really wanted these characters to grab your attention; something old and unique.

I also made a style guide for this project. I wanted to show how every piece of this branding works together.

Branding, Event Advertising, Wayfinding, Style Guide